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BIOsource Services

BIOsource is DV Biologics' program designed to provide research and pharmaceutical laboratories with customized biological products for virtually any research need. BIOsource enables the researcher to request a quote for any product or service not currently listed in the catalog or online store. Products can range from a single cell type to pedigree systems to full characterization and media production. Many of our customers use BIOsource to develop iPSC lines from our primary cells and to develop assays as well as to do full disease and developmental studies. In addition to customized cell, tissue and genomic programs, BIOsource can provide pre-clinical data development and management. We are committed to providing you with everything you need for success!


DV Biologics offers custom cell characterization and isolation services to companies and research organizations specializing in the field of medicine, cell and tissue engineering, and development of cell regeneration therapies. All services can be tailored to the client's specific needs.

  • BIOsource services may include:
  • Growth and maintenance of specific cell types
  • Sourcing the best cells for your iPSC lines
  • Growth and maintenance of undifferentiated stem cells for in vitro differentiation to hematopoietic, pancreatic, endothelial and neural lineages
  • Analysis of gene expression patterns during culture and differentiation
  • Providing ideal systems for the generation of specific cell types for potential development of therapeutic cell design approaches
  • Creation of genetically modified cells for functional studies
  • Cell viability and purity studies


In addition to custom DNA, RNA, lysate, tissue blocks, and cell pellets, including diseased and normal control products, we offer full scale PCR services. Real-time PCR remains one of the most sensitive tools for quantitation of nucleic acids used today. The Genomics Core offers both custom and pre-optimized assays for an assortment of applications. We offer support in all aspects of the project from assay design to data analysis. It is our uncompromised attention to detail from sample QC to statistical analysis that sets our service apart from the others.

  • The Real-Time PCR service is advantageous to researchers conducting the following studies:
  • Gene expression profiling (microarray study validation)
  • Copy number determination of DNA or RNA targets
  • siRNA knockdown validation
  • Allelic discrimination/SNP genotyping
  • Transgenic mouse genotyping
  • Biodistribution studies of gene therapy products
  • Microbial detection
  • Real-time PCR pluripotency/differentiation assays

BIOsource GENOMIC SERVICES also offers a pathological screening service where biological specimens may be submitted to DV Biologics laboratories for detection of Hepatitis B, C, HIV I & II and other viral and bacterial contaminants.

To inquire about or request BIOsource Services, please send an email to:info@dvbiologics.com or call us now at (888) 773-5959.

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